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5 Easy Ways To Bring Your Bathroom To Life

As we welcome the warmer seasons it is also nice to make some transitions in the house, and bring new fresh ideas to embrace a change in our surroundings.

In the bathrooms, it is recommended to do so by changing some functional pieces in order to create a new and refreshed environment.

From fabrics to decorative objects and floral touches we can simply style some elements and see a change instantly.

Here are five go-to ways to bring your bathroom to life:

No. 1: Incorporate nature into the Bathroom

Playing with nature and incorporating floral arrangements is an instant mood booster. Try it as an experiment and you will see that this is right! I also love to add some branches, as it gives a special architectural touch.

Styling tip: Sometimes the best arrangements are the most improvised! Just go grab some branches from our garden or some wild flowers along the way.

Heather Chadduck Interiors, Meg Lonergan

No. 2: Invest in some nice quality towels

Sometimes the smallest changes are the most noticeable. Something as simple as changing your towels can make an impact in your bathroom. It's also worth investing in some good quality ones as they will last longer and they will feel better. At the end of the day is something we use everyday, and specially in these times!

Zara Home

No. 3: Add a nice hand soap

I know we might not really pay that much attention to the bathroom hand soap but trust me that the feeling of washing your hands and smelly a fresh and crips scent can really affect your senses, in a good way! It's all the psychology behind it... same as seeing green and flowers that boost our mood, scent is proven to make an impact in our brain by even reducing stress levels.

No. 4: Hang up some art

Adding a little vintage painting with a quirky frame can just give that something that was missing. The bathroom is a room we use many times every day so why not make it a bit more beautiful to be in.

Morerover, this art pieces can be changes seasonally depending on the mood in the room.

Interior Design: @arazi_levine_design

No. 5: Add good storage

There is nothing like an organized and clean bathroom. A little clean up will always make you feel more zen and must say... I love the feeling of clearing up the clutter and how good everything looks afterwards, don't you? Make even better use of the space by adding some good storage pieces that can also look nice and add a rustic touch.

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