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6 Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom Setting

Is not always just about the looks but also about the feeling when we enter a room.

In other words, it's about the feelings we incorporate through our daily routines.

I like to think that my bedroom is my little sanctuary and the place where I find a bit of peace after our stressful days , so I have gathered the 6 things that help me create a calming bedroom setting.

1. Add a Candle on your Bedside Table

This is a must! Candles have the power of not only giving a touch of warmth to any room but also awakening the senses. So light up your favorite candle and feel the scent throughout your bedroom. My favorites are Baies by Diptyque and Bibliothèque by Byredo.

Design and styling by Nahia's Atelier

2. Update your Bed Sheets

Creating a cozy bedroom starts by creating a cozy bed and sleeping experience. Invest on some good linens or cotton silk bedding, I promise you won't regret purchasing a nice set and waking up fully rested! Head over to Zara Home for some high end bed sheets at reasonable prices.

Image by Zara Home

3. Incorporate some Florals

Adding a touch of greenery and nature always brings that fresh look into your bedroom. So after your weekend stroll just get hold of some wild flowers or combine it with some seasonal ones from your local florist.

Design and Image by Amber Interiors

4. Add some Layers into your Bed

Cozy bedding equals layers over layers. Add a quilted duvet on the end of the bed or a very nice warm blanket. This will create warmth and texture into your bedroom and will instantly give a cozy touch!

Head over to H&M Home for some nice blankets that won't break your budget!

Design and Image by Studio McGee

5. Add a Vintage Touch

Whether it's a vintage painting, a vase or a vintage furniture piece this will instantly break the composition and give the warmth you were looking for when creating your cozy bedroom. See below the beautiful antique chinese bench by the end of the bed.

Design and image by Jake Arnold

Kendall Jenner's home featured by Architectural Digest

6. Invest in Your Bedding

There is nothing better than a good night's sleep, and that not only comes from creating a beautiful atmosphere but by investing in a good bed and knowing how to style it. Interior by Gini shows it perfectly in her beautiful bedroom. So get inspired and start applying these simple tricks!

Design and image by Interior by Gini


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