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Small Space Planning Tips - Learn How To Make The Most of Your House

Designing small spaces for its best functionality can be very challenging. If it is the case that we do not own the biggest house, designing around it can seem truly overwhelming.

Read below to learn few of my favorite small space planning tips, where I will be explaining them with examples:

Tip No. 1: Create different zones

One of the best ways to design small areas efficiently is by creating different “zones” within the same space. For example, if our living room is too small we have to be creative and set one side for the living area and set another for the dining area. We can divide both spaces by turning the furniture around and by using rugs to section off the different areas.

Photo Credit and design by Studio Mcgee

Design Tip: just turn your sofa around, you will instantly create a different area in the room as you can see in the Studio living in the image above.

Photo Credit and Design by Amber Interiors

In this second example the division is made between the living area and the dining area. Easily done by the trick of moving the sofa around and creating to different spaces.

Tip No. 2: Use light colors

Incorporating light and bright colors in the design will make the space look larger and you will instantly feel the difference. I would recommend adding light furniture pieces such as a white or beige sofa or light colored rugs, and of course light pain on the walls. By doing all these it will create the illusion of a having a bigger space. See the before and after and how changing the color palette makes wonders!

Photo Credit and Design by Jenni Kayne

Tip No. 3 Buy furniture with legs

In order to create an open feeling in a space we need to make the illusion of more air and space around the furniture objects. By utilizing more furniture with legs will make the interior much lighter and again create the illusion of a bigger space.

Photo Credit and Design by Amber Interiors

Photo Credit and Design by Athena Calderone

Tip No. 4: Make a space be multi-functional

Specially after this year I am sure that we can all agree how our homes have turned to be so versatile.

Considering multiple functions for each room is something crucial when designing a small house. For example, think about integrating an office area in the living room or a kids play area behind your living area. Think outside the box and add your workspace in your kitchen or even a little reading corner in your own bedroom. This all depends on your day to day priorities of course, so ask yourself which areas you use the most and draw an activity diagram to learn your must haves in the house.

Photo Credit and Design by Studio Mcgee

Photo Credit and Design by Studio Mcgee

Hope you found all these tips helpful, see you next week for more design tips and interior inspiration!


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