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The 3 Kitchen Design I'm Crushing On at the moment!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I would say that kitchens are one of my favorite spaces in the house. I must also confess that I love cooking and entertaining guests at home, that is why a nice kitchen design is key in a house.

I wanted to show my latest finds and the newest kitchen design trends.

The first design is by my all time crush interior designer, Amber Lewis who directs Amber Interiors. If you follow Nahia's Atelier Instagram account you might have seen some of her designs already... she is a master at mixing styles and having a laidback vibe that just makes spaces very warm and cozy, yet modern and functional.

Second design is by the beautiful interior studio: Studio Ezra, which I have recently discovered last week! Absolutely love the warmth and simplicity of the design. It also shows how zen a space can be by using the right materials and colors. To me it really portrays a bright and cheerful design... maybe reminding me of the spanish mediterranean with that color palette... The gorgeous tiles are also designed by them, click on the link below the photos to check them out.

Design by Studio Ezra and tiles by Tiles of Ezra

My third kitchen design crush is by Identité Collective. How dreamy is that cabinetry color? Gorgeous combination of plastered walls and decorative details. I also love the fact that they have introduced paintings in the kitchen decor. Sometimes there is a lack of personal touches in the kitchen as we believe that is a space that only has to be functional. So try this out as it really adds some character to it and will make your kitchen even more unique!

Hope you have found all designs and ideas inspiring. I would love to hear which is your favorite and why so please comment below!


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