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The 5 Best Rustic Boutique Hotels you Will Want to Visit this Summer (or next!)

Boutique hotels are meant to stimulate your senses and make you feel at home. A perfect portrait of ultimate lifestyle living. All hotels boutique or not should make you feel the warmth and character of its location. That is what you will find in these rustic boutique beauties around Europe that should be next on your hotel wish list.

No. 1 Masseria Moroseta

Located in the beautiful Puglia, this Masseria is the perfect place to unwind and disconnect. Beautifully designed with a minimalistic and rustic design it is the perfect place to discover this stunning part of Italy that not many tourists know about. They also hold Yoga retreats and cooking workshops and you will meet their funny English Bulldogs that luckily enjoy the historical farmhouse for the whole year!

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No. 2 La Granja Ibiza

Ibiza is my forever favorite island and even though few years ago there was a luck of boutique hotels the past few years have brought some really nice new additions to the scene. This is the case of La Granja, a beautiful farmhouse and secluded spot that will show you the magic of the island and let you enjoy the balearic brise with all the intimacy you want, far from the nightclub scene. It is the perfect hideaway and I can't to visit it!

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No. 3 Quinta da Comporta

Located in the heart of Comporta's stunning village, in Portugal, Quinta da Comporta is a Wellness Boutique Resort that offers exclusivity, an a very authentic local experience. It sits in a beautiful location and very close to the beach. It's the perfect spot to enjoy one of the most desired areas of Portugal.

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No. 4 Soho Roc House Mykonos

There's no much left to say if you know about Soho House Hotels, however, this is one of their latest hotel additions to their hotel family and is so rustic and dreamy that also had to be in this list. It is perched above a rocky stretch of the Cycladic coastline, with 45 bedrooms, a poolside veranda, an outdoor gym, restaurant and lounge areas.

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No. 5 Casa Cook, Kos

I could not miss another beautiful greek island like the island of Kos. Might not be the first choice when looking to travel to Greece but this hotel has amazed me with its design and rustic vibe. Its beautiful interiors are so inviting and reflect the true Mediterranean style. The perfect spot to enjoy the perfect sunny weather with a laidback living style.

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I hope this has brought some inspiration for your next holiday planning and although restrictions are still in place we can only look forward to being able to travel soon and discover new little hotels like these ones around the world.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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