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The Best Design Tips for Styling Coffee Tables

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Coffee tables can sometimes be tricky elements to style in an interior - How many books should we place? Do we need florals? Should there be contrasting colors? Did I overcrowded it with many elements?But don't worry we've got you covered with the following styling tips!

1. Look for different heights

Yes you read it right, when things look too organized and similar they often look bland and boring. Let me explain it better: when items are at same eye level nothing stands out. So make sure you bring different heights in the elements you place.

2. Stack some of your favourite books

Yes it really is as simple as that. And do not worry about having to match colors... it is always nice have an accent color that can make some contrast.

3. Add some dried or fresh florals

As simple as a little bouquet of flowers or some dried florals is all you need to bring nature into the house.

4. Don't forget to add some Scented Candles

I could say candles are my go to element when designing every little corner in the house... and of course they should always be ready to be light up in every coffee table! My all time favorites are: Dyptique, Byredo Candles.

5. Add some decorative accesories to finish it up

We all have some decorative accessories around the house that we do not really know where to put right? Well this is the place you've been looking for! You can just add them on top of the books and make a cute little arrangement. If you have a really big coffee table I would also suggest to add a tray that can complement well with all the items that I have mentioned above. See photo for inspiration.

And that is all for now, I hope this post will help you decorate the most beautiful coffee table designs.

Until next time!


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