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Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Designing a new space from scratch can be a real challenge. This is why I thought it would be handy to lay out the most common mistakes so you can avoid them!

1. Thinking everything has to match

Easy mistake to make, thinking that all furniture has to be from the same store or have the same style, have the same color palette throughout without any accents or just simply having the same decor. The secret to a good interior is to create different focal points, have some statement pieces that stand out and mix styles within a similar vibe. For example, if you have a traditional style sofa maybe would be fun to add a lounge chair that has a modern line. I also love to add some vintage pieces, it always adds character and more personality to a design.

2. Having your clutter on display

Yes, I know we all like to have some sentimental objects on display and sometimes we tend to collect many and put them out. However, the saying "less is more" really comes in handy. Try to limit all the things that are around and try to be organized in the sense to give a calming feeling to the space.

3. Choosing the wrong lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements in an interior. You have to avoid making it too bright or too dim. An interior can be so beautiful and instantly be ruined by a very cold bright light for example. Interior designer and blogger Gina Daniel, says "I always recommend choosing warmer tones for rooms with earthy tones, and lights that are whiter for bold and metallic themed rooms." When choosing lighting remember to think of the funcionality of each room, a kitchen might need a brighter lighting as we need to see well when we are cooking, but a bedroom will just need moody lighting to make it a cozy space.

4. Adding rugs that are too small

There is nothing more unpleasant to the eye than seeing a small rug in an interior. It can really throw a nice interior off. And why? It's all about the visual effect, as it will make the room smaller. A correct size rug will anchor the space and complement the design. It will create a unity between all the elements in the space.

← Wrong rug size

Correct rug size, anchoring the space

5. Pushing all furniture against the walls

This is something that might work if the space is too small. But is something that we shouldn't always do. So if you have enough space to play around with furniture have a floating couch and create different areas. These could be seating, dining areas. See examples below and let your imagination do the rest!

Thank you so much for joining, and hope you found this post helpful. Please leave your comments below and feel free to share.


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